I Haven’t Met You Yet

The title of this post is slightly misleading. Because there is a Michael Buble song of the same title, maybe you assumed this post would be about a romantic relationship, love, or a desire to be loved. I can’t say that your assumption was wrong. In this case, the aforementioned relationship isn’t with a handsome, perfect guy…it’s the relationship I have with myself.

 What/Who/How do I want to be?

 In the last few months, I’ve found myself asking that question frequently. What kind of person do I really want to be? Who do I want to represent everyday when I wake up and go to work? How do I want others to describe me?

 You could say I’ve come to a sort of epiphany. Well, maybe.

 On one hand…I want to be fabulous. I want to be memorable. I want to be epic. I AM EXTROVERT.

On the other…I just want to be successful. I want to have quiet evenings at home. I want to be genuinely happy. I AM INTROVERT.

 My dilemma lies in the debate as to whether those two “people” – my introvert and my extrovert- can co-exist. As I’ve gotten older, I think that I’m getting closer to the truth in that debate. At different times in my life, I’ve let one facet of my personality overshadow the other. I remember that in those times, I wasn’t content functioning at my extremes.

 You may be wondering…what brought on this ‘epiphany’? Well, that’s easy.


 In order for me to be truly happy, in order for me to reach my highest potential in life and personality, I have to stop thinking about being more of ‘myself”, and focus on being more like Him. John 3:30 states clearly, “He must increase, but I must decrease.”

 Simple, right? Yes and no. It’s a process.

 I’m not quite perfect at always being Christ-like, but I’m trying. I know that the person I’m meant to be is just as fabulous as she wants to be, is successful, is ridiculously epic, and still manages to enjoy quiet evenings at home when she wants to. How do I know that?

 Everyone’s favorite verse. Philippians 4:13. “I can do [be] all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

 To the near-future me. I’m excited to meet you. I know you’ll be great…


…I Just Haven’t Met You Yet.



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