The Bucket List…before I turn 30.

So…I’ve come up with a list of things I want to do in my 20s. The title of this post may be slightly misleading because it’s not a true list of things I want to do before I “kick the bucket”. I just want to make sure I enjoy my youth. And if making an actual, tangible, achievable bucket list is the key to making it happen, then so be it.

Here goes nothing.

  1. Go cliff-jumping/diving at sunset or sunrise. *DONE*

    Before I decided to jump...The water felt great!

    This isn’t a picture from my jump, but it’s the pic I took before I decided to make the jump! AYIA AYIA FREAKING NAPA!

  2. Go on a cross-country road trip.
  3. Use a eurail pass to see Europe.
  4. Go on a camping trip in the middle of nowhere/or just camping.
  5. Spend the week at the beach with someone I love.
  6. Take a last minute trip to see an old friend.  *DONE*

    On the grounds of UVA...decided to visit a friend in Charlottesville.

    On the grounds of UVA…decided to visit a friend in Charlottesville.

  7. Spend a week in Paris.
  8. Get my bartending license/certification. *DONE* 10/1/14
  9. Go ziplining.
  10. Take a cooking or dance class.
  11. Get a Job & Quit.
  12. Go to Vegas.
  13. Learn how to drive a stick-shift car.
  14. Go to my favorite artist’s concert. *DONE* 11/18/13

    Shannon and I holding up our "Upfront with United" stickers after the experience. Don't we look happy?

    Shannon and I holding up our “Upfront with United” stickers after the experience. Don’t we look happy?

  15. Take Countless pictures.
  16. Decorate my apartment.
  17. See a broadway show.
  18. Visit the Great Wall of China.
  19. Visit all 7 continents.
  20. Spend NYE in Times Square.
  21. Float in the Dead Sea.
  22. Take part in Mardi Gras.
  23. Complete a 365-day photography project.
  24. Skydive/simulated sky-diving!
  25. Ride in a hot air balloon.
  26. Go on a cruise.
  27. Go to Disney World.
  28. Go to the Super Bowl.
  29. Go to the Olympics.
  30. Go to FIFA World Cup.
  31. Take a romantic walk on the beach.
  32. Go to a drive-in movie theater.
  33. Have a full spa day.
  34. Go speed-dating.
  35. Go horseback riding.
  36. Experience deep sea diving/ Swimming with Dolphins.
  37. Learn to water-ski and/or snow-ski.
  38. Go white-water rafting.
  39. Visit the Grand Canyon.
  40. Go on a mission trip.
  41. Have a beach bonfire.
  42. Complete a Spartan run/mud run.
  43. See a Cirque du Soleil show.
  44. Unplug for 48 hrs.
  45. Attend a masquerade ball/party.
  46. Visit Biltmore Estate.
  47. Visit a castle. *DONE*

    On top of Kolossi Castle in Cyprus.

    On top of Kolossi Castle in Cyprus.

  48. Get kissed under mistletoe.
  49. Experience zero gravity.
  50. Have a personal pro photoshoot.
  51. Make a wish at the Fontana di Trevi/Visit Italy/Roman Colosseum
  52. Pay for a stranger’s meal.
  53. Go to the ballet or opera.
  54. See the Eiffel Tower.
  55. Go on a carriage ride in Central Park.
  56. Attend one of the world’s fashion weeks.
  57. Take a photo with a pretty peacock.
  58. Go to the Kentucky Derby or Polo Match and wear a big, fabulous hat.
  59. Fall in love.
  60. Become fluent in Yoruba.

I’m only 21 yrs old now, so I have a number of years to add to and ultimately complete this list. Many of the things on my list are romantic, some are basic, and many of them will put me outside of my comfort zone…but isn’t that the point? Whether I end up loving these activities/sights or not, the experience is what matters.

Let’s go!



To Be Perfect

What is perfection? How do you define it? How do you know when you’ve reached it?

Can you answer those questions for yourself? What about defining perfection for others?

I find that it is much easier to define perfection for myself than for others? For most people, that statement would be backwards. Let me explain.

I can be categorized as one of those people who do the most, but berate themselves for not doing more. Let’s call me the “unsatisfied overachiever.”

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines perfection as “the condition, state, or quality of being free or as free as possible from all flaws or defects.” That sounds simple. But it’s not. In a world where the word ‘perfect’ is thrown about carelessly, how does one learn how to conduct himself?

I’ve struggled with physical flaws, emotional scars, and many other types of flaws/defects so far in my life. I’ve searched for perfection the only way I knew that I could potentially succeed. In the academic arena.

I joined organizations, took extra classes, became a student leader, and ultimately pushed myself to the limit. My reasoning: If I can’t be perfect in only one thing, then I will be FREAKING AWESOME in a number of different areas. To be honest, I only feel this way because I’m over that chapter of my life. Hindsight is 20/20.

No person can be perfect. The only perfect man that’s ever lived was Jesus Christ, and since that’s not me and I’m fairly certain that’s not you, how about we stop trying to be flawless? Once we recognize that we can’t be perfect, but can only strive to be…with Jesus helping us in our efforts, life would be so much simpler. I’m done telling myself I’m not good enough, or telling myself I don’t deserve what I have or where I am. God has blessed me with features and flaws.

Each day, you should think, “If the Lord saw it fit to keep me here another day, he must think I’m pretty great. As long as I’m better than who I was yesterday, I’m happy.”

At the end of it all, I’ve come to an easy conclusion. Know who you are. We live in a society that constantly categorizes, sizes, stereotypes, and generalizes us. Be you. Be original. Be perfectly imperfect. In my case, be a misfit.