Citizen of the World

I currently live in a small town in North Carolina (Which will remain unnamed for security purposes. You guys are nice, but the internet is a big place and there are creepy people here.)

Yesterday, at work I overheard an older gentleman speaking to one of my associates about some thoughts and opinions he has of the world. Of course, as an eternal student and nosey young woman, I continued what I was doing quietly so I could listen to the conversation. This older man was speaking about what’s wrong with countries in the world, why black/african-american/whatever young people are so misguided and uneducated, why he doesn’t approve but tolerates women being in the workplace, and other lovely subjects that I can’t remember at the moment. 

As I was listening, I began to think of the following questions:

1. Sir, have you ever traveled out of the United States? If so, where else have you been?

2. Have you ever discussed these concerns and opinions with someone of the groups you’ve taken issue with?

3. Have you lived in this town your entire life?

4. Have you ever traveled outside of this county?

5. What decade were you born in?

If he was to answer any of the aforementioned questions with a ‘No’, then I’d have to give him the Braxton “SCRRRRCHH”. Stop right there, my friend. How can you, who has gone nowhere, seen nothing, and discussed not a subject of substance tell anyone about the world or the people in it?!

I will be arrogant enough to call myself a citizen of the world for a few moments. I did a study abroad program in Cyprus for 2 months, I grew up in a first-generation Nigerian household, and I take it upon myself to stay somewhat abreast of important issues in the world. Because I’ve been brought up to see the world from the point-of-view of a non-American, which by the way is VERY different than how we see ourselves, I have a global advantage over someone who has lived their entire existence within a 25 mile radius. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. Mr. Man had some valid points. There is biblical backing and explanation of a woman’s role and place in a home, some countries in the world need to get it together(the USA could be included in that, depending on the topic), and black people as a socio-economic appropriation(how many people see the title) may claim a majority of certain types of issues, but…is this department store really the place to speak of all that?




Tell me what you think!

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