Things I Wish Smart People Would Stop Doing

Oh social networks…

A few things I want to say. I want intelligent/smart people to stop the following:

1. Trying to oppress other people with your wealth of knowledge. Just because you know how many baby whales were killed by pollution in the blah ocean between Monday and Tuesday in the third week of January in 1996… doesn’t make you better than someone else.

2. Going out of your way to use awkward unnecessary 6 syllable words when a 2-3 syllable one will suffice. I mean seriously…who uses onomatopoeia in everyday conversation outside of a English class?

3. Post statutes that sound like doctoral theses or the first two pages of

the most complicated novel ever to essentially say, “Today was a really cold day” For example, “The wind was like an extremely sharp knife, piercing through my layers of fur, fleece, and skin; it chilled my bones. It roared in my ears like the mighty lions of Africa, numbing and deafening my ears all at once. Welcome to winter.” *drop the mic*


Smart People Meme


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