Weight & Health Update

It’s been a while since I did a post on my weight and how the loss is coming. I won’t give any numbers, but here are some other note-worthy updates.

1. I purchased a new scale. It’s pretty awesome.

2. Today, one of my associates at work told me that she can see that I’ve been working and losing! YAY! I don’t quite see it yet, but I’m not gonna tell her that she’s wrong. Ha!

3. I’m doing a 30-day squat challenge! Today is day 15, so I’m halfway to the end. I can actually tell a difference.

4. I’m going to do another 30-day challenge after this one is over. Maybe an ab challenge? Or a cardio challenge? Whatever the challenge is, I’m going to start it. And finish it.

5. My clothes are beginning to fit differently.

I’m happy.



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