All Moved In

I’m all moved in to my new place!

I like moving for a few reasons.
1. I give away or throw away lots of things I’ve accumulated but don’t need…so I won’t have to pack/move them.

2. It’s a brand new palette to decorate and make pretty. I have a brand new reason to visit stores like Hobby Lobby, Bed Bath and Beyond, Pier 1, and Garden Ridge. Those stores are awesome.

3. It’s like a new adventure. Who doesn’t enjoy that?

It’s been a long day of lifting and unpacking, but I’m excited. There’s plenty of stuff still in boxes, so I have my work cut out for me. I’m going to blast some music and have fun with it!

Until next time…



Open Letter to Store 61.

It’s been a long while since I posted anything. This post is a very special one…and it’s taken me 4 days to write it.

Friday, February 14, was my last day at my first career location. Because I am no longer there, I can safely tell the world that I was an Executive Trainee for 9 months in the Best Store EVER: Asheboro, NC. Store 61. Since this was my last week in the building, a whole bunch of bittersweet goodbyes have taken place. I’m writing this in the order they happened…

To Pat: Pat, you’re just awesome. You have one of the biggest hearts and the loudest laughs I’ve ever encountered. You have so much love in your heart and you aren’t shy or stingy about sharing it. From the day we met, you adopted me as part of the Asheboro family and I love you for it. As I’m writing this, I’m looking at the peacock figurine you gave me. Thank you again. You’re so creative and your personality is so colorful, it’s so hard to not be in a good mood around you. We definitely must continue exchanging recipes and delicious culinary experiences. If ever I find myself an orphan for Thanksgiving…do I have a standing invitation for wherever you go?

To Ellen: “You’re a hoot.” I never really heard that phrase before moving to Asheboro, but now I know what it means and I think you’re a hoot! Even though you’re from (insert turned up nose) Southpark, you’re alright in my book. You have a song, tv/film reference, or dirty joke for just about everything. It’s hilarious! You have some of the quirkiest comments and nobody says “Modern.Southern.Style” quite like you. I’m not sure I’ll ever find a breakfast biscuit buddy in Wilson and …nobody can ever take your place.

To Lisa: *cue Fat Amy voice* “Umm…hmmm…uhhhh…” You’ve been one of my best friends in this store. We clicked almost immediately! Our inside jokes, movie references, random dances, and infamous fitness challenge…I’m going to miss you like crazy! I’ve added you to my list of big sisters. You’re so talented and I hope someday I’ll be able to merchandise as fabulously as you. I think my denim fold is almost there, but I’ll keep trying. I’ll make you proud in my new store. P.S. I don’t think they have a Chick-fil-a in the shopping center where I’m going. 😦

To Karen: I’m so happy I got my official members only ROCC sweatshirt. In the store, you work so hard without complaining. You run the best ROCC team in all of Belk. You have a way of setting your mind to do something, then just doing it. I only have that resolve about certain things. You’re so kind, you’ve become like another big sister. I’m thinking we should do another squat challenge since the first one was so much fun! I promise to try and keep up with Beauty and the Beast, but I might need some text reminders. I never got to skate with you and the kids, but maybe an outing in the future could happen! Oh, and I have to catch up with your weight loss! Lol…wishful thinking.

To Cindy: Cindy, you are, by far, the most sarcastic and witty person I’ve ever met! Sometimes I have no choice but to shake my head and laugh at the things you say. You’re so dedicated to your job, and I can honestly say that whenever I have a question about just about anything…”Ask Cindy” will be my first thought. You’ve taken me under your wing, adopted me as your surrogate niece, and given me plenty of advice about plenty of life topics. I doubt there will be a “Cindy” in my new store, but…I’ll strive to become that person. If ever I am lost on what things to do to impress someone of importance, I will always remember to Know My Numbers. Thank you Cindy for being the best coach/mentor an ET could ask for.

To Everyone: I honestly didn’t know what to think when I was assigned to little Asheboro. I thought I wouldn’t like the small town or small store, but I was definitely wrong. You guys have taught me so much about the quality of a person. The conversations we’ve had, the memories we’ve created, and the Day of Thanksgiving/Day After Thanksgiving we’ve experienced…I’m cherishing them all. Each and every person in the store has come to mean so much to me and leaving you all to go to another store is very difficult. You’re all so loving, caring, and all-around great people. When I first arrived in Asheboro, I was unsure of how I would be received or whether the people would like me. They say time flies when you’re having fun, and these 9 months have definitely been a blast. You don’t find a group of people as wonderful as the ones in store 61. I’ve realized that my assignment here was meant to be and I’ve gained a big family. Thank you for making this experience a rewarding and exciting one. God bless you all. I’ll miss you dearly.


Snow Days in NC

It’s been a while since I posted but…I think a snow day is worth a write-up!

I’m sure you all saw/heard about the snow-ice debacle in Atlanta a few weeks ago. Cars backed up on highways, accidents piled up all over, and citizens abandoning their cars to brave the cold and walk to shelter. Well, North Carolina got a taste of that this week. Talking about all the delays, cancellations, and closings is great, but…that’s not what this is about.

I wanna tell you about my personal snow day.

Here’s a few background facts you should know: (1) I’m moving in the next few days. (2) 98% of my apartment is disassembled, boxed, or packed. (3) I haven’t gone grocery shopping in a while in an attempt to use everything in my fridge/freezer/pantry. (4) My car/tires aren’t meant for driving on ice.

Yesterday, my store closed early because of snow. It took me roughly 30 mins to travel the route than takes me normally 7-10 mins. When I left work, I’d originally planned to make a pit stop at a grocery store and get a few things, but the traffic patterns and my fear of getting stuck in the grocery store parking lot made me go straight home. I tried, fruitlessly and guiltily, to order some kind of takeout. Of course, nobody was delivering in the heavy snow. Just great. I threw something together with the random items I had in the apartment. I decided that I would get up early in the morning and walk to one of the grocery stores close to me.

Fast forward to this morning.

I got all bundled up and checked the gps to figure out the closest grocery store. 1.7 miles. In a car, everything seems closer.

Here are the facts about my trek to the grocery store: (1) It took me 45 mins. (2) Some of the main roads were scraped. (3) I had to conquer my fear of heights TWICE on my walk by walking on 2 bridges over highways. (4) Halfway there, I began to regret my decision. (5) When I made it to the store, I felt like I had reached the Promised Land. (6) On the way home, some cars decided to drive close to me and spray me with sleet/melted snow. (7) The return trip was against the wind, so I was getting smacked by the restarting snow/ice. (8) I made it back in 40 mins.

I told my best friend Shannon about my trip, she told her mom, and her mom told her best friend who happens to live in the same town I do. I received a phone call from her scolding me about not calling her when I needed something. Shannon and I were cracking up!

To say the least, my morning was extremely interesting and entertaining, but next time, this chick is going to make sure she is prepared for being snowed in…and pray I’m not in the process of moving when it happens.

Stay warm, stay safe.

Snow Day in NC

Pictures from my icy trek.

Until next time…