Learning to Live

Good Morning.

Right now, it’s just after 6am. I’ve been awake for about 2 hours for no reason. Whenever I wake up early, I get to thinking, singing, praying, or reading…sometimes, all of the above.

Today’s train of thought it “learning to live”.

I’ve always been such a “busy” person. Tobi always has something to do. I always have somewhere to be. There is always so much to be done. Tobi’s schedule is always packed. I don’t have time for that.

I realize that because I’ve always focused on not being idle, I haven’t really given myself time or the opportunity to enjoy living. I know I’m young (only 21), but this habit of being “busy” has been going on for at LEAST 8 years.

Let that sink in.

Whether I was dancing or singing at church, just going to church, attending an event for school, planning an event for an organization, meeting with a class group, having weekly meetings for organizations, or just going to class…I haven’t given myself any time to sit back, relax, and “enjoy the show”. I really can’t explain why.

Right now…I’m changing. For the first time in almost a decade, I’m making a conscious decision to set time aside to enjoy myself. I’m trying to learn how to say ‘no’ for my personal sanity. It isn’t easy. I still find myself agreeing to projects, events, appointments, and non-leisure travel because I’m so used to doing so. Learning to live hasn’t been an easy transition so far.

The point is that I’m trying. I read something online once that said the number 1 regret of people dying is that they didn’t take the time to LIVE. I don’t plan on being like those people. I want to enjoy life.

I’m learning to live.



Free to Live.


Thank God It’s Sunday

The popular thing for people who work Monday-Friday to say is…Thank God It’s Friday(TGIF). For people like me whose work schedules don’t normally include real weekends or back-to-back days off, that phrase doesn’t mean much.

My thing now is, TGIS, yep you guessed it, Thank God It’s Sunday.

The week restarts on Sunday. Main church service is on Sunday. I get to sit and do nothing for part of the day. Most likely, even if I worked on Saturday, I’m off on Sunday.

Today is Saturday and, after the past 7 days…I’m already saying TGIS.

Have a blessed and productive week, beautiful people. Happy Sunday.


The Cutest Thing…

I helped a woman today at work who was looking for an outfit for date night with her husband. Before I even get into the details…how adorable is that?

Let’s all do it together now….AWWWWWWWWW!

I would estimate this woman to be in her late 40s or very early 50s. She said she asked me because, based on my outfit today, I knew how to put great pieces together. I wish you could have seen how excited she was to be going on a date with her husband.

I probably spent about 15 minutes with her picking some potential outfits, but in that short time, I got the impression that she and her husband did this relatively often. I think that’s fabulous. Seriously…this woman was giddy with anticipation. Something so simple…but so obviously meaningful.

That’s all.


Confession Time!

I have a confession.

When I’m at the gym…kicking butt on the treadmill, sweating it out in Zumba class, lifting weights, or just overall working on my fitness, I listen to upbeat music that sets the pace for my workout.

I know I’m not the only one that has their workout mix favorites. I have one song in particular that makes me “kick it up a notch” during my workouts. You’re probably wondering, ‘What song could that be?’

“Applause” by Lady Gaga. Let me explain. Have you seen the Kia Soul commercial with the hamsters? The one where they are sleek, stylish, and very hipster on the red carpet at the end? Do you remember what song provided background for that commercial? Yep, that’s right…Applause.

When that song comes on, I picture myself(not in the most flattering way) as one of the hamsters working out, running on the treadmill, killing it on the stationary bike, working on those killer abs, sweating on the elliptical…and stepping out of my car looking brand new. I don’t look brand new yet, so I do a little more for those 3.5 minutes. Ha! Sometimes, I even put it on repeat.

Funny, right? That may not work for you, but it definitely works for me. That’s my confession.

So if you ever happen to see me at the gym and notice I get a little more energetic suddenly, you’ll know what’s playing in my ears.


What Happened To My Bucket List!?

I realized last night that I’ve slightly abandoned my epic bucket list. It’s been really busy on my end and I haven’t thought about it much.

That’s not okay. It took me a long time to create and finalize that list. No way I’m gonna just not keep checking things off.

Here’s the link to the Bucket List: The Bucket List…before I turn 30.

So…what should I do next?


I Used To Hate Hymns.

I used to hate hymns in church. I used to dread that part of service.

As a person who loves to sing, praise and worship, and enjoy great music…those sad, sorrowful-sounding compositions just deflated my excitement. I’ll even stretch and say that it offended me. Yep, I was offended. How do you get me excited, hype, and happy with some LIVE praise and worship, then just shoot me off my high with a segue into the slowest hymn in history?!

I now realize that my previous dislike of these songs was just a preference for upbeat music. I never really paid attention to the lyrics and message in the hymns…only what it sounded like to my uninterested ears. Today, I still don’t like how sad some hymns sound, but I appreciate and understand that the words and message in the song is much more important.

Some of my favorites are It Is Well With My Soul(this song got me through an extremely low point in college), Great Is Thy Faithfulness, I Need Thee Every Hour, and Higher Ground. I truly believe that my growth in Christ has brought me to this point. Sometimes I find myself singing these songs randomly in the car, around the house, or even sitting during church.

I serve the same God that inspired the authors and composers of many of these songs so long ago. Isn’t that amazing? God is always relevant, His word doesn’t and will not change, and his love and faithfulness is everlasting.

If you’re anything like I am with slow hymns, next time you hear one, try not to think about how long it’ll be before the song is over. Read and understand the message in the lyrics, tap into the Holy Spirit that was there when it was written, and thank Him because you can. The words are sometimes so simple, yet powerful.

Happy Sunday.


So I Smile :)

A friend who hasn’t seen me in about 6 months told me last weekend,  “You look happy. There’s a certain glow about you.” As if I wasn’t already in a great mood and feeling good, that complement made me feel amazing.

I’ve referenced my new happy in a previous post, but I’d like to revisit the topic.

I’m happy because….I know that since I’m #TeamJesus,  God is always on #TeamTobi.

I’m happy because….genuine smiles feel so much better than fake ones.

I’m happy because….my life isn’t perfect, but it’s kinda sorta great.

I’m happy because….being unhappy wastes time.

I’m happy because….darn it, I choose to be.

Choose positivity, beautiful people.