About Me.

What can I say about me?

My name is Tobi. I’ve never really loved my name, so you can call me Sisi Ologe or Misfit (the names are ironic, how can I be both?)

I’m in love with Jesus. He’s a great guy.

I’m a 21-year-old Nigerian-American.

I’m a cynic by nature. I find humor and comedy in many things. I love to read and write.

Peacocks are my favorite bird, turquoise is my favorite color, singing/dancing are my favorite talents, and Africans are my favorite people.

I started this blog because I have a voice. Even if no person, other than my family out of obligation, reads this blog, I love that I share my voice. This is my little niche. My corner of the world wide web. My lineage, heritage, culture, and experiences have given me unique spectacles through which I choose to see the world.

A song I fancy says “I’m only one voice in a million, and you ain’t taking that from me.” The Misfit Blueprint is my chance to be heard.

I’m a misfit by nature, the blueprint is being created by choice.



Tell me what you think!

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