…And I’m feeling good…

Today, I ran.

And it felt good. (Outside of the literally freezing temperature and me being ridiculously out of shape)

I’m going to try and continue running each day or at least a few times a week.

Do you run? Any songs suggestions for my runs?

Happy Runs! 🙂



Confession Time!

I have a confession.

When I’m at the gym…kicking butt on the treadmill, sweating it out in Zumba class, lifting weights, or just overall working on my fitness, I listen to upbeat music that sets the pace for my workout.

I know I’m not the only one that has their workout mix favorites. I have one song in particular that makes me “kick it up a notch” during my workouts. You’re probably wondering, ‘What song could that be?’

“Applause” by Lady Gaga. Let me explain. Have you seen the Kia Soul commercial with the hamsters? The one where they are sleek, stylish, and very hipster on the red carpet at the end? Do you remember what song provided background for that commercial? Yep, that’s right…Applause.

When that song comes on, I picture myself(not in the most flattering way) as one of the hamsters working out, running on the treadmill, killing it on the stationary bike, working on those killer abs, sweating on the elliptical…and stepping out of my car looking brand new. I don’t look brand new yet, so I do a little more for those 3.5 minutes. Ha! Sometimes, I even put it on repeat.

Funny, right? That may not work for you, but it definitely works for me. That’s my confession.

So if you ever happen to see me at the gym and notice I get a little more energetic suddenly, you’ll know what’s playing in my ears.


Weight & Health Update

It’s been a while since I did a post on my weight and how the loss is coming. I won’t give any numbers, but here are some other note-worthy updates.

1. I purchased a new scale. It’s pretty awesome.

2. Today, one of my associates at work told me that she can see that I’ve been working and losing! YAY! I don’t quite see it yet, but I’m not gonna tell her that she’s wrong. Ha!

3. I’m doing a 30-day squat challenge! Today is day 15, so I’m halfway to the end. I can actually tell a difference.

4. I’m going to do another 30-day challenge after this one is over. Maybe an ab challenge? Or a cardio challenge? Whatever the challenge is, I’m going to start it. And finish it.

5. My clothes are beginning to fit differently.

I’m happy.



Inner Turmoil

I’ve been trying to lose weight for as long as I can remember.

No, seriously. As far back as age 7, I’ve felt/thought/was told I was overweight and needed to slim down.

I think the fact that I was always uber self-conscious and always thought I was fat affected me negatively in the long run. Food has been a STRUGGLE for me. There is a love/hate relationship I have with the foods I love. I’ve recently started a new cycle of “I’m going to lose with weight finally and become a sexy beast”.

This cycle includes daily workouts, better food choices, counting calories, drinking more water, self-motivation, and…unfortunately, bouts of sadness about my body.

Well, today I let myself down. I ate probably DOUBLE my daily calories, drank a soda, AND didn’t workout this morning.  What is wrong with me!?

I have the best intentions, I can see myself 50lbs lighter, I have goal outfits, dreams of wearing a swimsuit comfortably, feeling good about myself, having confidence in my appearance, and overall feeling good in my own skin. But all those dreams and fairytales won’t come true if I don’t figure something out.

I’ve never failed at anything in my life. Can’t start now.