Jesus Culture in Concert.

JC concert 2

"We won't be perfect, Lord...but we'll be yours."

“We won’t be perfect, Lord…but we’ll be yours.”

On May 19, I attended a Jesus Culture concert. It was the Charlotte, NC stop on the Still Believe tour with Kim Walker-Smith.

If you’ve been reading my blog long enough, you know about my last Christian concert experience featuring HIllsong United. Can I just say that this concert may have been even better? Even with my excitement at how great it was, I hesitate ever-so-slightly at calling it a concert.

For all intensive purposes, it was a concert. I bought a ticket(premium/VIP, if I might add), had to present a physical ticket at the door, and I had a seat…but it was a great worship experience. I said it in my post about Hillsong; in venues such as coliseums and arenas where large groups of people come together to worship as one, I always imagine what Heaven will be like. Where people of different colors, of different walks of life, of different “sides of the track”, of various occupations and fields of study come together with abandon with one purpose: to praise the name of the Most High.

Their newest album drops tomorrow and I’m uber excited. If you don’t know much about them, check out the “Still Believe” album by Kim Walker-Smith and the brand new(tomorrow) album, Unstoppable Love. You won’t regret it.

Until next post…



Being Christ-ian.

This post is going to be blunt.

Social media, the world wide web, and our human nature to want a “role model” has created a big problem in many Christians.

We follow Christian celebrities on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We like their pictures. We say “aww” when they post about their spouses and kids. We love and/or envy their wardrobes. We want to know where they shop. Who is their tailor, seamstress, hair stylist, personal makeup artist? Unknowingly, we begin to follow their “life” with Christ, not the message of Jesus Christ.

Why do we even have Christian celebrities? The only Christian “celebrity” should be Jesus Christ.

Don’t get me wrong. Is it great that these people are using technology to spread the Gospel? No. Is it a problem that some people have become the model of Christianity…even though they are but men? Absolutely.

I love the music made by Jesus Culture, Hillsong United, and Israel Houghton, but…do I need to love and/or be obsessed with them? No.

There has been a transfer of “obsession” from secular artists, characters, speakers, or celebrities to those who have achieved “stardom” talking about God.

We should NOT be obsessed with pastors. We should NOT “follow” tele-, e-, or mobile-evangelists. We should NOT “be like” Christian artists.

We are called to be like Christ. We are meant to follow Jesus.

I don’t model my Christian walk after any human. Nobody should.

We should model our Christian walk after Christ.

Read the Bible for yourself. Don’t rely on instagram-size bites of the Word. Find out about God for yourself. It’s worth it.

Be Christ-ian.



I Used To Hate Hymns.

I used to hate hymns in church. I used to dread that part of service.

As a person who loves to sing, praise and worship, and enjoy great music…those sad, sorrowful-sounding compositions just deflated my excitement. I’ll even stretch and say that it offended me. Yep, I was offended. How do you get me excited, hype, and happy with some LIVE praise and worship, then just shoot me off my high with a segue into the slowest hymn in history?!

I now realize that my previous dislike of these songs was just a preference for upbeat music. I never really paid attention to the lyrics and message in the hymns…only what it sounded like to my uninterested ears. Today, I still don’t like how sad some hymns sound, but I appreciate and understand that the words and message in the song is much more important.

Some of my favorites are It Is Well With My Soul(this song got me through an extremely low point in college), Great Is Thy Faithfulness, I Need Thee Every Hour, and Higher Ground. I truly believe that my growth in Christ has brought me to this point. Sometimes I find myself singing these songs randomly in the car, around the house, or even sitting during church.

I serve the same God that inspired the authors and composers of many of these songs so long ago. Isn’t that amazing? God is always relevant, His word doesn’t and will not change, and his love and faithfulness is everlasting.

If you’re anything like I am with slow hymns, next time you hear one, try not to think about how long it’ll be before the song is over. Read and understand the message in the lyrics, tap into the Holy Spirit that was there when it was written, and thank Him because you can. The words are sometimes so simple, yet powerful.

Happy Sunday.


The Best Compliment

Today at work I received arguably the best compliment ever.

An associate told me, “You’re a good Christian.”

Simple,  right? Not “you’re beautiful”, “you’re smart”, “you have a gorgeous smile”, etc…just a simple observation about my Christ-likeness.

She doesn’t know much about my personal life, what church I attend, the details of my relationship with God or anything like that, but something about what she sees everyday made her say that.

I want to assume that she sees “The God in me.” I’ve talked about wanting people to see that in a previous post. It’s so awesome and humbling to hear someone say that. I can’t take the credit for it at all. The Holy Spirit is continuously working in me and I’m glad and grateful that the results are visible.


I Haven’t Met You Yet

The title of this post is slightly misleading. Because there is a Michael Buble song of the same title, maybe you assumed this post would be about a romantic relationship, love, or a desire to be loved. I can’t say that your assumption was wrong. In this case, the aforementioned relationship isn’t with a handsome, perfect guy…it’s the relationship I have with myself.

 What/Who/How do I want to be?

 In the last few months, I’ve found myself asking that question frequently. What kind of person do I really want to be? Who do I want to represent everyday when I wake up and go to work? How do I want others to describe me?

 You could say I’ve come to a sort of epiphany. Well, maybe.

 On one hand…I want to be fabulous. I want to be memorable. I want to be epic. I AM EXTROVERT.

On the other…I just want to be successful. I want to have quiet evenings at home. I want to be genuinely happy. I AM INTROVERT.

 My dilemma lies in the debate as to whether those two “people” – my introvert and my extrovert- can co-exist. As I’ve gotten older, I think that I’m getting closer to the truth in that debate. At different times in my life, I’ve let one facet of my personality overshadow the other. I remember that in those times, I wasn’t content functioning at my extremes.

 You may be wondering…what brought on this ‘epiphany’? Well, that’s easy.


 In order for me to be truly happy, in order for me to reach my highest potential in life and personality, I have to stop thinking about being more of ‘myself”, and focus on being more like Him. John 3:30 states clearly, “He must increase, but I must decrease.”

 Simple, right? Yes and no. It’s a process.

 I’m not quite perfect at always being Christ-like, but I’m trying. I know that the person I’m meant to be is just as fabulous as she wants to be, is successful, is ridiculously epic, and still manages to enjoy quiet evenings at home when she wants to. How do I know that?

 Everyone’s favorite verse. Philippians 4:13. “I can do [be] all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

 To the near-future me. I’m excited to meet you. I know you’ll be great…


…I Just Haven’t Met You Yet.