Wedding Season Has Begun!!

Hey Everybody!

It’s been a month since I last posted and SO much has happened since. There are going to be a few posts over the next couple of days…I have to catch up!

This post will be about my first wedding as an adult, a real invited guest(most of the weddings I’ve attended didn’t include an official invitation), and what I believe was my first non-Nigerian wedding.

A co-worker of mine from Asheboro(my former work location) got married at a cute rustic, country event center. The venue was just breathtaking. The ceremony took place outside, lakeside, at 7pm. The weather was perfect for an outdoor wedding. I told my sisters the next day…it was a perfect pinterest wedding! The guest book was smooth rocks to be written on, there were mason jars everywhere, the colors were gray, yellow, and white, the groomsmen and ring bearers had on suspenders(adorable), there was a photo booth and Lindsey was GORGEOUS!

I truly enjoyed myself at the Kilby-Brown wedding. The pastor/officiant was so personable. He spoke about the lives of Zach and Lindsey, their dedication to keeping their relationship and love based in/on the love of Jesus Christ, and their absolutely cute ‘high school sweethearts’ love story.

I had a great time.

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Photo booth fun!

Photo booth fun!


Snow Days in NC

It’s been a while since I posted but…I think a snow day is worth a write-up!

I’m sure you all saw/heard about the snow-ice debacle in Atlanta a few weeks ago. Cars backed up on highways, accidents piled up all over, and citizens abandoning their cars to brave the cold and walk to shelter. Well, North Carolina got a taste of that this week. Talking about all the delays, cancellations, and closings is great, but…that’s not what this is about.

I wanna tell you about my personal snow day.

Here’s a few background facts you should know: (1) I’m moving in the next few days. (2) 98% of my apartment is disassembled, boxed, or packed. (3) I haven’t gone grocery shopping in a while in an attempt to use everything in my fridge/freezer/pantry. (4) My car/tires aren’t meant for driving on ice.

Yesterday, my store closed early because of snow. It took me roughly 30 mins to travel the route than takes me normally 7-10 mins. When I left work, I’d originally planned to make a pit stop at a grocery store and get a few things, but the traffic patterns and my fear of getting stuck in the grocery store parking lot made me go straight home. I tried, fruitlessly and guiltily, to order some kind of takeout. Of course, nobody was delivering in the heavy snow. Just great. I threw something together with the random items I had in the apartment. I decided that I would get up early in the morning and walk to one of the grocery stores close to me.

Fast forward to this morning.

I got all bundled up and checked the gps to figure out the closest grocery store. 1.7 miles. In a car, everything seems closer.

Here are the facts about my trek to the grocery store: (1) It took me 45 mins. (2) Some of the main roads were scraped. (3) I had to conquer my fear of heights TWICE on my walk by walking on 2 bridges over highways. (4) Halfway there, I began to regret my decision. (5) When I made it to the store, I felt like I had reached the Promised Land. (6) On the way home, some cars decided to drive close to me and spray me with sleet/melted snow. (7) The return trip was against the wind, so I was getting smacked by the restarting snow/ice. (8) I made it back in 40 mins.

I told my best friend Shannon about my trip, she told her mom, and her mom told her best friend who happens to live in the same town I do. I received a phone call from her scolding me about not calling her when I needed something. Shannon and I were cracking up!

To say the least, my morning was extremely interesting and entertaining, but next time, this chick is going to make sure she is prepared for being snowed in…and pray I’m not in the process of moving when it happens.

Stay warm, stay safe.

Snow Day in NC

Pictures from my icy trek.

Until next time…