What Can I Say?

I’ve been MIA from my blog for a while, but I want to come back!

Honestly, most of my writing has been kept in my physical journal, so there hasn’t been much need or desire to type it and share my thoughts with the world wide web.

Now that I have renewed motivation to write here…what do you want to read from me?

Btw…I’m [lowkey] pondering changing my blog title/name.



Random Ramblings

*Note: This post was originally written as a note on my iPod before I fell asleep last night.**On 8/16/13*

 I have a whole bunch of time to just think lately…

 God is good. He’s blessed me so much…and I haven’t always– take that back– I have never held up my share of the agreement. Actually what is considered my share is nothing compared to what God has given me.

 I’ve never been the type of Christian who wears their saved-ness (can I say that?) on their sleeve, nor have I ever wanted to be. I know that my words, thoughts, and more accurately, my actions will show the world my relationship with Him. I don’t find it attractive when other people who believe in Christ must offend others in order to believe what they want to.

 Kevin Hart, a really popular comedian, made a joke about his ultra-saved, uber-holy cousin who just throws Jesus in his face all the time. Kevin said that an example conversation with his cousin would go something like this…

 Kevin: Good Morning.

Cousin: It IS a good morning…because Jesus woke us up! BOOM! I love Him, DO YOU?!

 Was that really necessary? I don’t think so. Of course that was a comic reenactment of something…but there is plenty of truth in comedy.

Now that I’ve stated my opinion on that…there is something that slightly bothers me. I’ve never really been referred to as a woman of God. Is it because every Facebook status or tweet isn’t a scripture or churchy phrase? I’m not saying I’m offended…just that I want to be a woman of God. Before you begin to judge me for being vain or in need of trivial recognition…it’s not only for other’s the see that. I want HIM to see me and see a peculiar one, a child of His set apart with grace and favor. What’s wrong with the world seeing his influence/affect/favor on/in me?

 The song by MaryMary(I’m not really a fan) called ‘God In Me’ comes to mind right now…

 And I know…I may not be the nicest or sweetest person I know, but I know who my maker is, I know how far I’ve come in my spiritual growth, maturity, and self-discipline, I know who wakes me up each and EVERY morning, and lastly, I know WHY.

 Obviously, the most important thing is…I know who/what God is TO me and what He’s done FOR me.

 Woman of God, child of the King, a peculiar people, the chosen ones, etc…call me what you want.

 I said it already, but… God is good.

 Random, right?