Being Christ-ian.

This post is going to be blunt.

Social media, the world wide web, and our human nature to want a “role model” has created a big problem in many Christians.

We follow Christian celebrities on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We like their pictures. We say “aww” when they post about their spouses and kids. We love and/or envy their wardrobes. We want to know where they shop. Who is their tailor, seamstress, hair stylist, personal makeup artist? Unknowingly, we begin to follow their “life” with Christ, not the message of Jesus Christ.

Why do we even have Christian celebrities? The only Christian “celebrity” should be Jesus Christ.

Don’t get me wrong. Is it great that these people are using technology to spread the Gospel? No. Is it a problem that some people have become the model of Christianity…even though they are but men? Absolutely.

I love the music made by Jesus Culture, Hillsong United, and Israel Houghton, but…do I need to love and/or be obsessed with them? No.

There has been a transfer of “obsession” from secular artists, characters, speakers, or celebrities to those who have achieved “stardom” talking about God.

We should NOT be obsessed with pastors. We should NOT “follow” tele-, e-, or mobile-evangelists. We should NOT “be like” Christian artists.

We are called to be like Christ. We are meant to follow Jesus.

I don’t model my Christian walk after any human. Nobody should.

We should model our Christian walk after Christ.

Read the Bible for yourself. Don’t rely on instagram-size bites of the Word. Find out about God for yourself. It’s worth it.

Be Christ-ian.




Things I Wish Smart People Would Stop Doing

Oh social networks…

A few things I want to say. I want intelligent/smart people to stop the following:

1. Trying to oppress other people with your wealth of knowledge. Just because you know how many baby whales were killed by pollution in the blah ocean between Monday and Tuesday in the third week of January in 1996… doesn’t make you better than someone else.

2. Going out of your way to use awkward unnecessary 6 syllable words when a 2-3 syllable one will suffice. I mean seriously…who uses onomatopoeia in everyday conversation outside of a English class?

3. Post statutes that sound like doctoral theses or the first two pages of

the most complicated novel ever to essentially say, “Today was a really cold day” For example, “The wind was like an extremely sharp knife, piercing through my layers of fur, fleece, and skin; it chilled my bones. It roared in my ears like the mighty lions of Africa, numbing and deafening my ears all at once. Welcome to winter.” *drop the mic*


Smart People Meme

Thoughts & Opinion

Social media has ruined my generation.

Sounds a bit harsh, but the truth usually does.

Social networks such as Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. have robbed an entire generation of the ability to keep thoughts and opinions to oneself.

I’m including myself in this criticism as well because…I run a public blog. This entire site is nothing but what I think.

Most people my age don’t have social filters, which keep an individual from blurting out inappropriate,  disrespectful, or just completely unnecessary commentary. They also don’t understand,  many times, the effect of their lack of control on their futures, professional careers, relationships,  public image, and a host of other representations that matter.

I see “friends” all the time on Facebook posting outrageous statements, pictures, and opinions. My question is this, “If you didn’t have Facebook as a soapbox to stand on and shout your ridiculous theories…would you still have them?” The fact that there is a global forum(the Internet) where we can share out views drives our desire to have one.

Whether it’s a political debate, a religious issue, sporting events, or a a cable television show, people are telling what they think.

I am guilty of this too! I recognize the impulse to say what’s on my mind quite often. But there is a difference in my mental process, compared to others, before I open my mouth or type on my keyboard. I imagine any backlash that might come about as a result of my statement, good or bad, then I picture any Nigerian mother saying the following inquiries, “Who asked you?” “Who sent you?” “Who gave you mission. ”

After those questions…I usually just keep my thoughts to myself.

We all should try it sometime.


P.S. Feel free to comment! Haha!