Dear You

I have something to say to women who are any of the following:

-“Bigger is better” activists,
-Skinny shamers,
-Campaigners of “Curvy and proud”,
-“No stick figures over here” supporters,
-Anyone who is “All about that Bass”,
-Those who are “skinny and sexy”,
-Real life Barbies,
-“Do You Even Lift?” t-shirt wearers, and
-“Strong is the new black” champions…

Stop it.

Stop finding ways to celebrate your body by insulting others’. It’s not okay.

I see and hear it all the time. A person at either end of the weight spectrum is loving herself in all her fabulous glory; She might be wearing a beautiful dress, a cute outfit, a picture of her flexing her impressive muscles, her lack of love handles, or she may have just chosen to take a full-body picture instead of her usual neck-up selfie; whatever it is…it’s lovely. *insert unnecessary caption here* If you can’t imagine/hear/see the useless caption, here are a few examples:

1. “I love my body…with curves where they’re meant to be.”
2. “10 mile run this morning. No fatties around here.”
3. Simply “Do You Even Lift?”
4. “Don’t Trust a Skinny Cook”

Annoying, aren’t they? Are you guilty of one of these types of social media uploads? Do you ever find yourself defending your body by insulting that of another woman?

If so, STOP. Don’t call those who are smaller than you “stick figures”. That’s rude. Just love your frame and figure. Not everyone who chooses to not exercise is a lazy bum. That isn’t fair. Don’t say that anyone over a size 4 isn’t beautiful or attractive. Who elected you exquisiteness expert?

Next time you’re feeling really confident about your body, enjoy that moment. Don’t sully it by being disrespectful.

Understand that your beauty doesn’t depend on how ugly you can make others seem/feel.

I started this post by calling out all the “names” of groups of people. It would be easier to call everyone by one name.